Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Get a grip.

I'm possibly the worse blogger ever. I check my favorite blogs and get upset when there aren't any new posts. But then I never post. Ever. Once a month, apparently. What if I'm *your* favorite blog? I'm such a jerk! Woe onto me.

And onto you, of course... I guess.

The sad thing is there have been a lot of exciting things going on in my life, I really should've been posting on this stuff.
First off, a couple weekends ago I went to ride my Nana's new Can Am Spyder. Wow, my trip to Sturgis is going to be like a luxury trip. The 2010s have a passenger back rest. I don't even have to hold myself up, people. I get to be the pretty pretty princess. It rocks!

It's such a smooth ride. That thing corners like a car! Very very fancy. I'll be able to ride that for a few hours a day with minimal whining. Hopefully... maybe... Luckily my Nana has dealt with my whining for many years and I'm sure knows how to tune that out, just in case.

Next on the list of exciting adventures was our trip to see Kooza a Cirque Du Soleil show. It was a gift from my In-Laws, and it was *amazing*. I'm kind of a vocal person so I'm sure all the people around us were hating my: "oh my gosh.... Oh My Gosh!... *GASP* OH MY GOSH!" It was truely breathtaking, and was an awesome date night for the boy and me. We go out to dinner on occasion, but it was wonderful to have an excuse to dress up. (I wore heels even, people. WOAH)

My favorite part was probably the Wheel Of Death! Oh wow, those two guys were truly amazing. The craziest part was when one of them tripped on his jump rope while on the outside of the top wheel. He was hopping, one legged to catch up. And he did it! And he did it well. I may or may not have cheered myself hoarse at that part. No one has proof, either way. :3

And last on my list of exciting things that happen to me, we went and met Ree Drummond. It was awesome, that lady is hilarious. I got one of the girls I work with to come see her too. She loves all the recipes I try and bring in to share. It's not because I'm nice, it's because if I eat it all I'll double in size. I tell them that but they still like me. Someday they'll learn how silly they are.

Whoa, got of track. Of course I don't have any pictures because I forgot our camera. I'm a dork, but I should be getting some from some friends shortly, and maybe I'll post em. Maybe.

Anyways, we got our books signed and gushed about it on the way home. Mostly because she took our picture with her HUGE camera. We're on Pioneer Woman's Memory Card. HA!

That's the end of my fan girl phase, I think. Hopefully.

I have started on some crafts lately, but they're mostly food crafts, and we're usually too hungry to take pictures. Someday we'll be better, I promise.

I'm going to drink some more coffee now...