Thursday, September 30, 2010


There is something about getting a job after a hiatus that just energizes me. It's like a revelation: I will be useful to society! I will, yet again, be a contributing member. And there is something in the revelation that makes me think: you know what else I should do? I should craft!

And craft I have!

I find it's best for me to ease into a project. I really have a short attention span, as you can tell with my sporadic blog posting. I think calling is sporadic is a little bit generous, but I digress.

I decided cute little plushies are the best way to get in the mood of making things. Because they can be cute so quick I don't get worn out. Because I know if I just finish this last arm it'll be adorable!

If I just finish this last damn arm...

So, boys and girls, say hello to Henry:
Henry now resides in my husbands backpack to assure a safe journey. He has a koala (of an earlier vintage) that sits in his truck, but I felt he needed a friend for his morning treks. And so there was Henry.

Then I decided I needed something to spruce up my new back pack. And I don't want cuddly mammals. Oh no... I want a power up!
And this morning I stumbled upon a lovely pattern: a power up just for me. I did change it slightly, making his bottom flat so he would sit straight, and adding a few rows. But they were perfect. Exactly what my life was missing.
And with it I will be unstoppable at that first day of work. People will see me strut by with him dangling from my backpack and they'll know: she is awesome and I must be her friend right now!

That or they'll wonder why I have a mushroom hanging from my bag... because they have no idea how awesome it really is. And if that ends up being the case... well... I don't want to talk to them anyways.

But I do love bacon.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


You know what I always hated when I watched cartoons? The recap episodes. This was especially popular in anime. It's the episode they have in the middle of the season/series that just kinda lets you know what's been happening. As if you haven't been paying attention. As if you haven't waited all week for the next episode and can't wait to see what's happening next... and instead of something new it's just the friggin recap!

Well lucky for you this recap has purpose, because you have no idea what I've been doing all summer! It's actually useful! Well, useful if you're curious about what I've been up to. Or bored out of your mind. Or mentally unstable...

First off I think I should show you the craft project I've been working on. The Blanket. Ah, sounds powerful, doesn't it. Well, it is friends. This thing has exploded. With awesome.

Craftster and Ravelry have an annual crochet-a-long where they post an afghan square every month. It's a lot of fun, and nice if you have a short attention span, and can only finish one mini project a month. So naturally, this is a great group for me to be a part of. I've started adding on extra squares because I want this to fit on my bed. I'm all caught up, at the moment, which I'm very excited about. Last year this is when I gave up.

Here is all the squares I've done put together. Last year I quit because I had 9 blocks that needed their ends weaved in AND to be connected together. It's the worst part of making this blanket. So this time around as soon as I finish a square I deal with those pesky ends and I attach it asap. That way it doesn't just sit in my craft box, hidden away and lonely.

It's been working out for me so far. Here are some closer pictures of the individual squares.


What's with those papers on the floor? That chipped nail polish? That red thing poking from under the blanket it? Don't you ever clean, Brittney?

Why yes. But one must have priorities. I had to breed a Golden Chocobo today. Very important stuff.


Recently my husband and I moved back up north, so he could continue his learnin'. So now we're living in a nice new apartment. One especially cool thing about this apartment is I get a craft room. The reason we decided I should get this craft room is because before my crafts were in every room. All over the floor, on the shelves, in drawers, taking over, inching it's way into every corner of our home. So now we have a room to contain it all. Which is good, because really it needs to be contained.

It's nice because I get to decorate it anyway I choose. And what do I choose? To decorate it with pages from my coloring books.
The artists listed from upper left to bottom right: Katie, Hans, Me, Me, Lyle, Jessica. All people who have come to visit our new abode. Of course my boy has yet to color one that I can hang, and Jesse hasn't either. What's wrong with those two? Seriously.

Sadly, that's all I have for pictures. You'd think I would have LOADS, what with not posting all summer. But... I forget to bring batteries, or even the camera, so... you know. Here is a list of things I've done since I've last posted!

The List

Went to Sturgis*
Started playing FFVII again
Made some excellent Pizza*
Made honey toffee ice cream and chocolate ice cream
Made bagels

*there will be photos of this in the future

And that's about it. How dull. When I started that list I thought I had a lot more to add. Oh well. Hopefully my brain will be pumping out more enjoyable reads for you denizens of the interwebs. But c'mon, you know better.