Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Suit Up!

Food List Time!



English Muffin - 1
Cream Cheese - 1
Chips - 2

Total : 4 points


Turkey Sandwhich - 5
Chips - 4
Banana - 2

Total: 11 points


Hashbrowns 1 cup - 5
Cookie - 1

Total: 6 points

Total for the day: 21 Points

I didn't finish my lunch, so that's really what I had for dinner. :3 tasty!

Finished a gift for a friend, however I can't post it until after I give it to her... because, well, she's my only reader at the moment. So, it's gotta wait for a couple weeks.

Burn notice is distracting me at the moment, so I'll be around later. :D

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ah, Mondays

Wii Boxing makes my arms sore. :/ Probably a good indication that I need to start doing more physical things. Playing World of Warcraft all day does not help me with successful weight loss, but it sure provides hours of entertainment. ^_^

Yesterday wasn't very good eating wise. I stayed below points, I did more snacking than actual eating.


1/2 English Muffin - 1 (I tripped and dropped the other half and got it covered in dog hair :/ )
Cream Cheese - 1
Total : 2 Points


Baked Doritos - 2
Cookie - 1
Total : 3 Points


1 Muffin - 1
1 Egg White - 1
1 Slice Cheese - 1
Salsa - 0
Cream Cheese - 1
Total : 4 points


Popcorn - 2

Total: 2 Points

Total for day: 11 Points

That's way to low, I really need to make sure I stay up in points today. But when Bracken and I can't decide what to have for dinner we usually just putter around and find something. I had about... 6 cups of tea yesterday, so I think that kept me feeling full, and running to the bathroom pretty often. Still, it was tasty!

Today I'll pack a nice lunch that'll keep my points from being 17 points too low. I need to start eating more fruit. Banana's or apples, or something. I have been craving some kiwi's. Mmm

Anywho, since this is supposed to be my Crafts and weight loss blog I suppose I should start posting some of my crafts, yeah? Here are things that are mostly done, but need to be framed, etc.

First Up!

For christmas my mom had an idea to order a bunch of random stuff and put it in a big santa bag to be our sock stuff for this year. It was fun but I got a bunch of things I don't need! But, one of the things was this little zippered container that contained stationary.

It's a brand that makes parasites be cute... or something. For some reason or another that just doesn't do it for me, however I had some really cute (and kinda spendy) card stock that I decided to cover the front and back with, and now I use it to hold the tea I take to work! Yay for usefullness!

More coming later :D

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday Food List

Whoops, forgot to post last night :3

Breakfast was Bracken and I's free meal for the week. One meal a week we don't count points, of course we try to eat smaller portions and things not drenched in grease, so we don't feel too guilty.

So, Breakfast was sausage, eggs, and hasbrowns at the Stock pot. Delicious!

Popcorn - 2 points
Chips - 2 points.
Total: 4 Points

Wasn't very hungry after breakfast so it was a snack lunch.

Cheesburger on Onion Bun - 6.5
Chips - 2
Total: 8.5 points

2 Cookies - 2 points.

Total for day: 14 Points

Bracken and I decided to try some veggie burgers and turkey burgers. We'll be having a guest in a couple weeks and one of the things planned is a nice big bbq. I didn't want to be sitting there eating soup while everyone is munching on burgers, so I'm having one too dangit! With 15 less points. ^_^

My burger was made out of a portabello mushroom patty, with WW cheese, an onion bun, and a little bit of light mayo. And of course baked chips on the side. I do quite enjoy the baked chips better, I've found. Less flavor, but your fingers don't get all gross when your done eating.

I was really proud of Bracken for actually trying these burgers. He's a DIE HARD meat man, especially when it comes to his burgers, but he enjoyed them enough to use them when we crave a burger. I even suggest for the bbq we could mix the super lean meat in with one of our patties, to give it that extra flavor/texture. But who knows, maybe we won't even need that.

We also bought some high fiber english muffins to try. I'm not sure about them because I like my muffins crispy, and these just don't get there. Too soft. However, slap some egg whites, cheese, and soy sausage on there and I bet I'll be just fine!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Wait... where am I?

Oh hai there, denizen's of the interwebs! Welcome, take a seat and eat some popcorn.

I'm Birdy, and I claim this space for all the mighty birdies in the area... after you grace me with a gift of sugar free candies. :3 And.. maybe a cookie.

This blog is a way for me to share the things I create and keep myself motivated and held accountable while I take my journey of weight loss.

I'm using the Weight Watchers diet as my catalyst for dropping pounds. Something about that point system just makes it seem less stressful. Doing this with my husband definitely isn't hurting either. Going on the weight loss journey with someone or in a team always seems to make things easier. From now on, you are part of my team. If my points are to high for a day, you gotta call me out on it! I'm counting on you!

I'll start posting some of my crafty works in progress and my completed projects as they start rolling around. I have so many things I need to have framed... if only I actually liked going outside. >_> the sun... it burns us!

Anywho, I do hope you'll be coming back to visit soon.