Saturday, October 2, 2010

'You would've gone in second, but you weren't ready yet.'

And that's what she said.

Thank you Jesse for that gem of the evening.

And what evening, do you ask? Why the awesome evening we had friday night where we had our good friends Katie and Jesse over for pizza and cupcakes and some forced conversation. It was a lot of fun, and I had gone into it planning to take photos to share. Not only for proof that I have friends but also to show you the delicious pizza my boy and I have been partaking in.

I had not, however, planned on slicing the tip of my finger off. So, once that happened I sort of forgot about my camera. You understand.

Luckily the finger chunk (and it was a sizable chunk) did not end up on our pizza. At least not mine, and that's what matters. :)

It is a bit sad though... I was working on a Power Up #2 from the post before, and sadly can't finish with a mangled hand. Depressing right? Just means I have more time for blog posting. How lucky for you guys, right?





  1. I'm still shocked and amazed you've posted more than once in the past week!

    I cut off my fingerprint once. . . I feel your pain. I almost passed out. Typing was difficult, so I commend you on continued typing after such trauma!

  2. I am impressed by your cut. It is quite the gouge.

    And that pizza was the heezy!