Friday, December 4, 2009

Good day!

9 days until our friend Roger gets here, 21 days until Christmas. Oh gosh, the excitement is getting to it's peak, let me tell you!

This will be me and Dear 1's first Christmas on our own! I really couldn't be more excited, let me tell you. And even more fun, we get to celebrate a Christmas with my family (and perhaps his) the day after Roger gets here. That week will be a very very exciting one.

I've started working on the gift I'm going to be putting in Roger's stocking. l4d magnets! We love playing that game together, so of course I've got Zoey, Bill, Francis, and Louis. Zoey is done, and Louis is really close to being complete. Pictures to come.

Well, Happy Holidays guys! :D

Oh, before I get, my good friend has recently moved her blog, so check her out, she's a lot more successful at finishing projects than I.


  1. Thanks for plugging me into your blog!

    AND I'M SO EXCITED FOR ROGER TO BE HERE!!! I think he'll love the magnets. That's probably the best way for a guy to like household gifts: make them video game related.