Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear Nana, you rock!

This is a post about the awesome lady I'm so lucky to have in my life. My Nana was the one who started all the crafty little urges I get every now and again. She's the one who taught me to cross stitch, how to crochet (even though I never quite got that until much later in life) and even ingrained the urge to bake fresh bread. She has really inspired me with all the projects she's completed in her life. One day I'll have to show you the quilt that three generations of her family have worked on. Amazing!

Anyways, I had asked for a quilt from her for Bracken and I. As a child my Nana always made them for my sister and I, but they always ended up getting destroyed, and I had no quilt big enough to fit on my bed. So for Christmas my Nana made us a lovely quilt that sits in my bedroom and definitely helps it look like actual mature adult married grown ups live in this house.

Want to see?

Wow!! I love it. I was so happy to find it underneath that pretty paper. And I'll always remember Roger watching me and then saying to my Nana: Wait, you made that?

That's right. That's my Nana, and I love her and all her bad ass ways. One of these days I'll show you just how Bad Ass that lady is. Can you stand the wait?!


  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS. Has your grandma found out she's just adopted a new grandaughter yet?

  2. That quilt is beautiful!! What a lovely present.