Thursday, January 7, 2010

Zombies! The Edited Post!!

Rawr braaaians, rawr.

Oh man, I've got a thing for zombies. They scare the crap out of me, but I love them just the same. I've been making little magnets for quite some time and have been dying for some good pictures. Thankfully my good friends Katie and Jesse let me borrow their camera so I can take decent pictures of my crafts.

First off... the planner!! That's right! my lovely little planner, the one I plan to use for more than a week. I can do it people. I can stay focused. I can... man... a cookie sounds awesome right now!

I didn't buy it this way. This was just a boring gray planner that I put pretty paper on. Why you ask? Because pretty paper makes everything better :)

Anywho, I also have recently finished some more zombies. I use the original pattern from Needlenoodles and then I design unique zombies and make them into magnets. Adorable, and of course, really fun!

One of the first ideas I had for unique themed zombies were the scrubs cast. First off, because Bkins and I were very into scrubs at the time. Secondly, they work in a hospital. You know they are the first to turn. Keep that in mind, people.
So first off, Elliot, JD, Carla, and Turk!
And of course, Ted and the Janitor. I need to make Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso still. Someday!

Oh, and my new pride and joy... the L4D characters. Francis, Zoey, Louis, and Bill. Eee! I was going to give these to my friend Roger for Christmas, but I didn't finish in time. Really, it's for the best, cuz I wanted them.And now we have the random zombies I've designed. After I made the two on the left I kind of felt they looked like Kelly and Ryan from The Office. In their underwear! The underwear was Bkins idea, and I loved it. Thank goodness for imaginative husbands!I love the blue tipped punk and the fat one. They're usually the second to go.The one on the left is the first girl zombie I ever designed. That's why it looks like she has an M on her head. I'm a bright one :DAnd a better designed girl there on the left. The zombie on the right was the one who made me realize I could do a Ted (from scrubs) zombie.
So, what do you think? Did these change your life?

If not, get lost.

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