Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dear Gravy... thank you.

My friends, I don't think I've ever made something so delicious that I didn't plan for. I did plan on getting the ingredients for those hellish beauties in the post below... and what did I get instead?

Delicious things. We found cube steak at the store for a very good price, and then I remembered: my mom makes a mean chicken fried steak. It's something I've requested as a birthday dinner on a few occasions, and something I used to look forward to if I knew it was coming.

And then I forgot about it. Until yesterday. I called my dear momma up (and woke her up too. I'm such a jerk) and asked her how she made it. When she told me it was just some steaks soaked in milk then breaded in flour, salt, and pepper I thought that was crazy. The gravy must be the hard part. Nope, it's just chicken broth, milk and garlic in all the goodies you cooked the steak in.

Wait, what?! It's that easy? So easy I could have made it 20 times without breaking a sweat? Well crap. Now I know. And I'm happy I do.

Look at that stuff, bubbling away. Oh how I love you gravy. It's Damian's favorite beverage.

I didn't think of taking a picture of the steaks cooking, so here they are hanging out in the oven. Being delicious.

Ignore those ice cream cones. I don't know whose those are...
But that lovely gravy covered steak and mashed potatoes? Oh that's mine. Back off!

Look what happens to the poor recipes I drag into my kitchen. Poor little guy :(

Now look at the rest of my kitchen. Wow. I'm ashamed to say it stayed that way until I got home from work today.
But see that lady in the red dress in the left hand corner? Oh that lady is one sweet momma, let me tell you.

And that lady in the red dress, she knows how to get dirty.

Oh and what's that, you ask? That's donut dough. Oh I know... I know. I can't wait either.


  1. Ha, I loved that "Damian's fav beverage" part. That looks amazing! Jesse will have to make that, for sure.

  2. you'll love it. It's definitely a mans meal :)

  3. Hopefully you got the cube steak at a good price from Dollar Tree.


  4. it looks so good. I'll have make Katie and I some soon.

  5. Whoa that looks delicious! And I have major envy for your mixer.