Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wings, chai, arm warmers. What a day!

That man of mine made me lunch yesterday. And I'm not talking Mac and Cheese or Sandwiches. No, I mean that boy found a recipe, took me to the store to retrieve the items and whipped up a batch of Cajun Honey Wings. It's a KFC recipe. This was much better than any KFC I've ever had.

I decided during lunch: we need pictures! I was half way through my plate, but Bkins was just about done. I caught this little guy just before the end. Isn't he pretty?
Here's mine, sauce free. It was a bit too spicy for me, so I dipped.
And here's that tasty sauce.

And that sauce went perfect dipped in a little bit of this good stuff: blue cheese dressing. A smart person would've turned the jar around so you could see what it was. I am not that person.
Action shot! I figure this is better than watching us shove it in our mouths. (Bkins stole one of my pieces for this shot)

And here's Bkins. Proud of his work. His delicious delicious work.

In other news these are what I finished at Craft Night. Arm warmers! I've always wanted some, but never found a pattern I wanted to follow. So what does a crafty person do when they can't find what they want?! They make it up. I really love these. I made them tight and out of a nice cheap cotton I found on clearance.

I think the cream really adds a little bit of girlishness to these. See those ends that need to be weaved in? I weaved them this morning. Go me!

Here are the pictures from our adventures at Craft Night. We went to a nice little coffee shop that Katie said would be easy to find. (she got lost. what a loser) But we arrived, and fun was had by all!

Here of course is the I'll take a picture of you taking a Picture. We're so original.

And Katie being classy as ever. Whose hands have touched that cup?!

Susan arrived fashionably late, but still got to enjoy a chai and amazing company (me).

Here's that Chai I mentioned. It was wonderful. I got more cinnamon than Katie. :)


  1. Hey, I got Cinnamon at home. But compared to the chai, his fur is disgusting.

  2. Ah. Fun! You were the first to post craft night pictures. Damn!