Friday, February 20, 2009

Wait... where am I?

Oh hai there, denizen's of the interwebs! Welcome, take a seat and eat some popcorn.

I'm Birdy, and I claim this space for all the mighty birdies in the area... after you grace me with a gift of sugar free candies. :3 And.. maybe a cookie.

This blog is a way for me to share the things I create and keep myself motivated and held accountable while I take my journey of weight loss.

I'm using the Weight Watchers diet as my catalyst for dropping pounds. Something about that point system just makes it seem less stressful. Doing this with my husband definitely isn't hurting either. Going on the weight loss journey with someone or in a team always seems to make things easier. From now on, you are part of my team. If my points are to high for a day, you gotta call me out on it! I'm counting on you!

I'll start posting some of my crafty works in progress and my completed projects as they start rolling around. I have so many things I need to have framed... if only I actually liked going outside. >_> the sun... it burns us!

Anywho, I do hope you'll be coming back to visit soon.



  1. You know I'll be calling you out if you go over your point limit! And I will do so while eating a piece of cake, every time.