Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday Food List

Whoops, forgot to post last night :3

Breakfast was Bracken and I's free meal for the week. One meal a week we don't count points, of course we try to eat smaller portions and things not drenched in grease, so we don't feel too guilty.

So, Breakfast was sausage, eggs, and hasbrowns at the Stock pot. Delicious!

Popcorn - 2 points
Chips - 2 points.
Total: 4 Points

Wasn't very hungry after breakfast so it was a snack lunch.

Cheesburger on Onion Bun - 6.5
Chips - 2
Total: 8.5 points

2 Cookies - 2 points.

Total for day: 14 Points

Bracken and I decided to try some veggie burgers and turkey burgers. We'll be having a guest in a couple weeks and one of the things planned is a nice big bbq. I didn't want to be sitting there eating soup while everyone is munching on burgers, so I'm having one too dangit! With 15 less points. ^_^

My burger was made out of a portabello mushroom patty, with WW cheese, an onion bun, and a little bit of light mayo. And of course baked chips on the side. I do quite enjoy the baked chips better, I've found. Less flavor, but your fingers don't get all gross when your done eating.

I was really proud of Bracken for actually trying these burgers. He's a DIE HARD meat man, especially when it comes to his burgers, but he enjoyed them enough to use them when we crave a burger. I even suggest for the bbq we could mix the super lean meat in with one of our patties, to give it that extra flavor/texture. But who knows, maybe we won't even need that.

We also bought some high fiber english muffins to try. I'm not sure about them because I like my muffins crispy, and these just don't get there. Too soft. However, slap some egg whites, cheese, and soy sausage on there and I bet I'll be just fine!


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