Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Suit Up!

Food List Time!



English Muffin - 1
Cream Cheese - 1
Chips - 2

Total : 4 points


Turkey Sandwhich - 5
Chips - 4
Banana - 2

Total: 11 points


Hashbrowns 1 cup - 5
Cookie - 1

Total: 6 points

Total for the day: 21 Points

I didn't finish my lunch, so that's really what I had for dinner. :3 tasty!

Finished a gift for a friend, however I can't post it until after I give it to her... because, well, she's my only reader at the moment. So, it's gotta wait for a couple weeks.

Burn notice is distracting me at the moment, so I'll be around later. :D

1 comment:

  1. I just found you through Craftster. LOVE the Serenity stitch!!! I'm gonna be sneaking around your blog, too, because I'm also a geeky crafter trying to loose weight. Why, oh WHY do I love baked goods so much?